Family Law

Through a separation or divorce, those affected need to rearrange their personal and economic circumstances. In this emotionally stressful and often conflicting situation, we support you and find the right legal and economic solution for your situation.

Especially with regard to the interests of common children, it is usually advisable to work towards a consensual out-of-court solution. By mutual agreement, it is possible to resolve many disputes out of court in advance of a divorce and to conclude the divorce proceedings swiftly. Typical arrangements include for example, child support and alimony, liquidation of matrimonial property and equalization of the surplus or domestic relations.

Should such an agreement not be possible in a specific case, we will, of course, represent you in a committed and consistent manner in enforcing your claims in court.

We advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • marriage contracts
  • separation and divorce
  • maintenance law
  • liquidation of matrimonial property
  • equalization of the surplus
  • reallocation of pension benefits
  • rights of custody and rights of access
  • paternity
  • adoption
  • parent maintenance

We support and represent you in your family law matter and help you to quickly take the necessary steps.

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