Medical Law

Our medical advice focuses on service providers such as doctors and dentists, pharmacists, clinics, nursing facilities and health craftsmen. Medical law does not only include medical malpractice liability law, but also provides the entire legal framework within which the persons and institutions mentioned operate.

Medical law is characterised by an unmanageable number of laws and other legal norms for the legal layman. SGB V, Krankenhausentgeltgesetz, Zulassung für Ärzte und Zahnärzte, Bundesmantelverträge, GOÄ und GOZ, Richtlinien der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigungen, 16 different professional regulations form a tight and almost impenetrable network of rules, which also leaves plenty of room for favourable arrangements to the advantage of our clients.

Medical law is a focal point of our legal work. Together with our cooperation partners, we advise our clients on all legal issues relating to health law.

Your Contact for Medical Law

Dominic Miess

Supervision / Care Law, Inheritance Law, Corporate Law, Medical Law

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