Public Procurement Law

Public procurement law in its independent meaning is a consequence of the development of European Community law. It lies at the intersection of administrative law and construction law: its main focus is on procurement – particularly in the construction sector, but increasingly also in the service sector, where it is predominantly handled by the public sector. The granting of public subsidies to private legal entities can also make it necessary to apply public procurement law.

Public procurement law is divided into the following areas:

  • Procurement of construction services (VOB/A and VOB/B)
  • Procurement of services (VOL/A and VOL/B)
  • Award of freelance service contracts (VOF), e.g. architectural and engineering services

We advise you in the preparation of tenders, both above and below the thresholds. In addition, we support you in Europe-wide tenders via TED / SIMAP, the tender procedure and the subsequent review procedure.

In the field of the awarding of professional services according to VOF we offer you our services as an awarding authority and thus the implementation of the procedure on your behalf.

Review Procedure

We represent public contracting authorities and bidders in complaint and review proceedings concerning public contract notices or award decisions – in accordance with the Act against Restraints of Competition (GWB; Vergabekartellrecht) in conjunction with the Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV), the relevant Public Procurement Ordinances (VOB/A) and Supply Services (VOL/A) as well as the Sub-Threshold Public Procurement Ordinance (UVgO) for the award of construction contracts, supply contracts and freelance services in the upper and lower threshold area.

Procedure according to VgV

We carry out award procedures for the tendering of freelance services in accordance with the Public Procurement Ordinance (VgV) on behalf of public and private clients who are obliged to tender due to funding with public budget funds.

We work out the tender together with you as the client. We also assume the task of the awarding authority and carry out the entire award procedure as well as the selection in the aptitude and award phase – in cooperation with the responsible parties on the part of the client in the form of an evaluation and negotiation commission.

We publish all necessary notices (preliminary information, contract notices, award notices etc.) on the EU platform TED / SIMAP.

Your Contact for Public Procurement Law

Gregor Höfling

Construction Law, Administrative Law, Public Procurement Law

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